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New Images were added for:
Oudemansiella mucida
Peziza arvernensis
Phallus impudicus
Cantharellus subpruinosus
Ilex colchica
Malacosoma castrensis
Thetidia smaragdaria
Idaea typicata

Last Updated Taxa:
Peziza arvernensis
Phallus impudicus
Oudemansiella badia
Oudemansiella caussei
Oudemansiella longipes
Oudemansiella mucida
Oudemansiella platyphylla
Cantharellus subpruinosus
Zygaena carniolica
Zygaena fraxini
Zygaena lonicera
Zygaena purpuralis
Zygaena filipendulae
Thetidia smaragdaria
Semiothisa clathrata

Tremella sp.
Lycoperdon perlatum
Colchicum speciosum
Agrodiaetus sp
Matteuccia strutiopteris
Helix goderdziana
Sparassis sp.
Calocera viscosa
Mertensiella Caucasica
Gypaetus barbatus
Castanea forest
Dactylorhiza iberica
Tryops cancriformis
Chionomys gud
Boletus satanas
Hygrocybe psittacina
Delphinus delphis
Scutigera coleoptrata
red deer male
Mutinus caninus & Laccaria cf. amethystina

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Accepted name: Eucariota
Taxonomy according to:
Remark: This database covers possibly all taxa of animals, plants, and fungi, which were ever recorded in terrestrial or freshwater habitats of Georgia. We also tried to show the position of each taxon in the framework of worldwide biodiversity, following the "tree of life" design. Both extinct taxa and groups that never were found/ never reached Georgia are shown as blend branches. We decided not to include, at this step, marin organisms.
Editor/Contact Person: David Tarkhnishvili
Contact address:
Citation: David Tarkhnishvili, 2013. []. .Eucariota. in: Tarkhnishvili D, Chaladze G (Editors). 2013. Georgian biodiversity database. Downloaded on: 1 October 2014