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Phoenicolacerta laevis

Taxon: Phoenicolacerta laevis
Author: Mariam Farcvania
Comment: Ganarjiis Mukhuri (Ganmukhuri). VI.2017. Det. A. Seropian
Uploaded by: Armen_Seropian

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Scientific Name ID: 2624
Name According To:;
Species: laevis
Taxon Rank: Species
Scientific Name Authorship: Arnold et al. 2007
Vernacular Name: Lebanon lizard
Georgian Name: ლებანური ხვლიკი
Page Authors: David Tarkhnishvili , M Gabelaia, A Kandaurov, A Bukhnikashvili, G Iankoshvili
Reference of occurrence in Georgia: Tarkhnishvili D, Gabelaia M, Kandaurov A, Bukhnikashvili A, Iankoshvili G. 2017. Isolated population of the Middle Eastern Phoenicolacerta laevis from the Georgian Black Sea Coast, and its genetic closeness to populations from southern Turkey. Zoology in the Middle East.

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