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Cymbalophora rivularis

Taxon: Cymbalophora rivularis
Author: Akaki Rezesidze
Comment: Tbilisi, IX.2019, male, det. A. Seropian
Uploaded by: Armen_Seropian

Scientific Name ID: 43707
Name According To: personal observation
Species: rivularis
Taxon Rank: Species
Scientific Name Authorship: (Menetries, 1832)
GBD Remarks:

According to Dubatolov, V.V. (1996), Cymbalophora rivularis distribution includes "The Transcaucasia (Armenia, West Azerbaijan); the East Caucasus (Daghestan). Central Italy; the Balkans; Turkey; ?West Iran ("Turkey", Balaban, 70 km East of Van, 8.10.1986, leg. Moberg Hillman, in a collection of Termeszettudomanyi Muzeum, Allattara, Budapest, Hungary. I have found this locality on the map of Turkey to be in fact on the Iran territory, in 70 km east of Lake Van)."

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