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Aedes intrudens


Accepted name: Aedes intrudens Dyar,1919
Taxonomic rank: Species

National Red list status: NE

Aedes intrudens is recorded at 3 localities:

Gardabani, (lat: 41.449994, lon: 45.1 ),  Kumisi, (lat: 41.612778, lon: 44.784444 ),  Borjomi, (lat: 41.8433, lon: 43.3787 ),  

Reference for occurrence in Georgia: Gugushvili, G., 2002. Mosquitos (Diptera, Culicidae) of Georgia.Proceedings of the Institute of Zoology, Tbilisi, XXI: 235-237
Citation: , 2016-08-28. [http://www.biodiversity-georgia.net/index.php?taxon=Aedes intrudens]. .Aedes intrudens. in: Tarkhnishvili D, Chaladze G (Editors). 2013. Georgian biodiversity database. http://www.biodiversity-georgia.net/. Downloaded on: 23 September 2021