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Accepted name: Hystrix indica Kerr, 1792
Common name: Indian Porcupine
Georgian name: მაჩვზღარბა
Taxonomic rank: Species
Taxonomy according to: Aulagnier S, Haffner P, Mitchell-Jones AJ, Moutou F, Zima J. 2009. Mammals of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
Reference: Bukhnikashvili, A. & Kandaurov, A., 2002. The annotated list of mammals of Georgia. Proceedings of the Institute of Zoology, Tbilisi, XXI: 319-336

Formerly unknown for Georgian fauna, the Indian Porcupine has recently been discovered by A. Bukhnikashvili in the extreme SE of the country

Editor/Contact Person: Armen Seropian

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Hystrix indica is recorded at 4 localities:

firosmani, (lat: 41.3247, lon: 46.6391 ),  dalis Wy., (lat: 41.347, lon: 45.7776 ),  kowaxuras q., (lat: 41.2602, lon: 46.0521 ),  s. WaWunas, (lat: 41.2724, lon: 45.9351 ),  

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