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Tenuidactylus caspius

Caspian bent-toed gecko, კასპიური გეკონი

Tenuidactylus caspius
Tenuidactylus caspius
Tenuidactylus caspius
Tenuidactylus caspius
Scientific Name ID: 2601
Name According To:;
Species: caspius
Taxon Rank: Species
Scientific Name Authorship: Eichwald, 1831
Vernacular Name: Caspian bent-toed gecko
Georgian Name: კასპიური გეკონი
GBD Remarks:

The only viable population of the species is found in the Tbilisi City with surroundings. It is thought to introduced undesperately from the eastern Azerbaijan in XIX or XX century. In recent years, occasionally recorded in other cities of East Georgia, e.g. in Telavi.

Page Authors: David Tarkhnishvili ,
Reference of occurrence in Georgia: Tarkhnishvili, D., A. Kandaurov & A. Bukhnikashvili, 2002. Declines of amphibians and reptiles in Georgia during the 20th century: virtual vs. actual problems. Zeitschrift fur Feldherpetologie 9: 89-107.

Georgian biodiversity database contains 5 occurrences of Tenuidactylus caspius

Occurrence IDBasis of RecordLocalityRecorded ByDecimal Latitude Decimal Longitude

Information from GBIF about Tenuidactylus caspius

GBIF scientific name: Tenuidactylus caspius (Eichwald, 1831)
GBIF taxonomic status: ACCEPTED

GBIF cointains 20 occurances (with coordinates) of Tenuidactylus caspius (Eichwald, 1831) from Georgia

Conservation Status

This section is under construction

National Red List Status: N/A

IUCN Red List Status: LC

Protection status: Not defined

Reason: N/A

Trend: Stable

EOO: <5000

AOO: <500

Native/Introduced: Native

Comment: ინტროდუცირებული სახეობაა, არ ექვემდებარება შეფასებას

Georgian Name: კასპიური გეკონი

English Name: Caspian bent-toed gecko

Taxonomy according to:;

References: Muskhelishvili, 1970; Tarkhnishvili et al., 2002

Evaluated By: Tarkhnishvili D., Iankoshvili G.

Date evaluated: Nov 2021